Water Resources and Stormwater Management

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Mock•Roos is proud to be recognized throughout South Florida for our water resource (and stormwater management) expertise, extensive knowledge of local and regional issues, and proactive planning and permitting approaches. Mock•Roos is an expert at balancing our client's freshwater quantity and quality needs while protecting communities and the natural environment. Water resources is a local science and requires local expertise.

Our experienced team's unmatched understanding of current and past regulatory requirements and issues facing clients is invaluable. This understanding allows us to offer clients better-informed guidance and recommendations to plan and implement realistic solutions. We believe in creating solutions in collaboration with our clients that maintain integrated and holistic approaches while providing a lasting solution with value. We have worked closely with clients and regulatory agencies to successfully plan, permit, and implement projects ranging from simple and small to some of the largest and most complex management strategies in Palm Beach County.

Mock•Roos is the authority on National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) issues. We have been the recognized leader coordinating the entire Palm Beach County Joint Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) NPDES Permit Program with 41 governments since 1990. Our in-house experts have assisted in the development of numerous Stormwater Management Master Plans, including:

We have also developed master plans, permitted, and implemented numerous water resource supply systems including those receiving source water from surface water, the surficial aquifer, and the Floridan aquifer systems.

Our staff members continue to sit on a number of regional Technical and Peer Review Committees, staying abreast of ongoing water resource issues in Palm Beach County. We monitor federal and state agencies' activities for new rules and requirements regarding the Clean Water Act. Mock•Roos experts have made several presentations on the proposed EPA numeric nutrient criteria and Florida's TMDL allocation to Palm Beach County municipalities and the Palm Beach County Water Resources Task Force.

Mock•Roos also has been serving 198 and 298 Special Districts for over 40 years, providing valuable guidance while assisting with implementing hundreds of water resource and stormwater management projects.

Our 198 District expertise includes:

Our 298 District expertise includes:

Water Resources and Stormwater Management Services include: