Environmental and Agricultural Engineering

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Mock•Roos possesses extensive experience with:

We fully understand the details inherent in the regulatory permitting process at the local, state, and federal levels and work closely with our clients to study and design systems and facilities that reduce the impact on sensitive environmental areas. Mock•Roos has worked closely with selected scientists (when necessary) on projects that have ranged from preliminary due diligence evaluations to highly complex natural resource permitting efforts and environmental documentation.

Mock•Roos was the principal player in establishing the Palm Beach County Joint Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) NPDES Permit program and has coordinated the program since it began in the early 1990s. We coordinate with 41 governmental entities within Palm Beach County, 35 municipalities, 3 special districts, the Florida Department of Transportation (Turnpike and District 4), and Palm Beach County.

Through Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District (as the lead permittee), Mock•Roos has provided leadership, engineering, and administrative services for the program. This intensive involvement with the program has given us the exceptional opportunity to stay at the forefront of, and even provide feedback to the agencies on, future stormwater requirements and regulations. Mock•Roos has also assisted numerous individual co-permittees with their own MS4 NPDES compliance.

Mock•Roos experts have made several presentations to Palm Beach County municipalities and the Palm Beach County Water Resources Task Force on the proposed EPA numeric nutrient criteria and Florida's TMDL allocation. Mock•Roos' agricultural engineers have conducted numerous studies for various dairies throughout Palm Beach, St. Johns, Putnam, and Flagler Counties. Studies have included water quality monitoring, analyzing nutrient movement, and assistance with preparing Animal Nutrient Management Assessment reports for submittal to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Services have also included design, construction, operation, and maintenance services for waste management systems.